Who or what is Design KungFu?

Design KungFu is the life and work of Dutch Designer Esther Ball-Babois, all-round Creative Designer based in Louisville, Colorado. My expertise includes (but is not limited to): logo design, identity development, promotional print design and usable hand coded websites.

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Why Design KungFu?

Although a common misconception, kung fu is not exclusively related to martial arts, in fact, "...it refers to any individual accomplishment or skill cultivated through long effort and hard work...." That, describes my drive to be the best designer I can be perfectly.

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Design KungFu submits a skateboard to Bordo Bello 2012

Bordo Bello is a fundraiser in Denver, Colorado, where designers are asked to design a skateboard and submit this for the event’s auction. The proceeds fund AIGA mentorship programs, VSA Colorado/ Access Gallery, Robert Taylor AIGA Colorado Scholarship fund and new program development.

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