Current Role

I am currently a Product Designer for the Denver based Video On Demand SAAS platform Intelivideo where I help clients to build a successful On Demand business and help their subscribers find the content that best fits their needs.


Iterative SaaS Feature Design

With the growing demand for online content access, this Denver based VOD platform is working around the clock to help content owners get their content up quickly, so they can focus on growing their business faster.

Visual Design for Denver based Video On Demand platform: How to grow sales infographic

Recent Work

Here are some different projects that highlight my expertise

How to Grow Sales Infographic

Data Visualization

Powerful self-education assets empower new VOD content owners to sell confidently

Breaking Down the Science of Social Media White Paper

Infographic Inspired White Paper

What Social Media platform is the most popular with your target audience? It may not be who you think...

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant Logo

Logo Redesign Refresh

Are they willing to sacrifice their brand history to be adaptive for the future?